Where it All Began

Who are AsianBay?  This is our story and where it all Began.

Ever since I can remember I always saw these Women dressed in Elegant outfits and at that point that was my distinguish between my religion and theirs maybe I was a little naïve as I grew but I was brought up to believe everyone is equal in this world so I never paid much attention.  Yes, the school did touch on religion as part of the curriculum but they don’t give you a real insight into the whole thing.

When I left school and ventured into the world of work it was then I met my oldest and closest friend.  From day one we just seemed to get along and we would still do even sit for hours talking about our lives, celebrations we have coming up the normal things we women like to sit and chat about.  As we spoke my friend would obviously speak of things coming up and what is and is not acceptable for a lady of her religion to do, as I didn’t understand fully it was hard for me to comprehend a lot of what she tells me.

So when my long-time friend announced she was getting married to her now Husband, of course, I wanted to be there.  What an occasion that was!

Hours were spent teaching me on how I should dress and what the celebration consisted over.

The first thing a woman thinks of is what outfit am I going to wear, I was told I should look for something that was colourful, loud and fun.  I should avoid anything that shows any cleavage and I would need a matching scarf to cover my head whilst at the Temple.  Once I had picked the outfit I was advised the accessories are just as important, I purchased a set of Bangles, a Set of Bindi’s and wore a Tikka to compliment my outfit.

I was lucky that I had my friend and her Mom to point me in the right direction.

After the celebration, I said to my friend do you want my outfit and accessories because I will probably never get any further use out of them, it got her thinking, my outfit was only worn once and I had heard of many others who have been in similar situations.  The outfits/accessories can be expensive and in today’s world where times can be difficult, there must be a simpler way.

That’s where another seed was planted into my friends head and she was even more certain about her idea of starting AsianBay Limited.

The whole thought process of AsianBay is based on the issues and difficulties that people have been telling her about over the years and she took it all in, how expensive Asian wear is to buy, people wanting to be able to hire outfits to attend Indian weddings but not at the designer prices and they want to be able to hand them back after and not have them hidden away in wardrobes after because they can’t bring themselves to throw away because of what they paid for them.

Now people from the wider community can hire affordable Asian wear for those Asian weddings, feel the part and not have to worry about prices or being stuck with an Asian outfit that they probably will never wear again.

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