Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

There are 3 main spiritual Healing processes in India – Yagya, Mantra and Yantra.

Yagya Healing

Traditional Vedic ritual/ceremony that conjure the blessing of the divine. Yagya is commonly used in making life more progressive and improving the quality of life. The ritual diffuses negative energy and brings in the divine, it invokes gods and seeks their blessing. The ritual/ceremony is performed by Vedic priests intending to work with the Karmas in the horoscope.

Mantra Healing

Is the most common heard of spiritual healing it entails the reciting of Mantras and is said to clear low vibrations from your system to boost your energy. Vibration and Mantra are a precise combination of sacred sounds that form a field of spiritual energy which will attract high spiritual vibrations to you giving you a spiritual awakening, empowerment and assistance, you are led back to pure god essence.

Mantras are chanted which draw all their energies and power, they remove mental agitation and restore emotional balance your mood elevates and raises your vibration. It lifts you out of loneliness, sadness, anger, despair and fears. It cleanses our energy bodies and external environment from negative energies to establish strong fields of protection.

Yantra Healing

This is Vedic Yantra or Amulets which are designed to move afflictions to obtain a particular result for instance obstacles in carer, cleansing homes, removing melefic intentions of enemies, protect against negative forces, aura healing. Yantra are inscribed with mystical inscriptions of the beneficial deity to suit the individual wearer. Diagrams such as circles, triangles, squares or even a dot are used in the preparation of a Yantra diagram.

The represent cosmic energies and the diagrams are said to generate nourishing, life supporting energies.

It protects from negative energies in the environment, unseen forces exert powerful vibratory effects on our mind and body. They help us to receive the support of nature rather than resistance. Only once a Yantra has received proper energisation can it be given to a specific person/place.

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