Shopping for a Bargain

Shopping for a Bargain

Buying Preloved Fashion is no longer frowned upon in fact it has become somewhat of a New Trend that is taking over.

Women buy new Clothes for every occasion, we are Shopaholics but that can lead to Bankruptcy, stop slobbering at that boutique Window and consider lux Preloved Fashion.

“What has changed you may ask?”

The Answer is simple the World has, the climate in which we live

There are many Benefits to buying Preloved Fashions, but let’s start with the meaning of Preloved

“Preloved = A Once Loved and Treasured Item”

So, what are the Benefits of buying Preloved?

• You’ll never have to worry about turning up in the same Glamorous Outfit has Someone Else.

• The Thread has secrets woven into their Fibre – Preloved has a Story, Background, a History embrace it. Revisit past fashion trends which change constantly!

• Look Fabulous on a budget, it is often more affordable to buy Preloved than buying New and all because an Item has been worn once for a short period of time.

• Styling inspiration is always floating around, why not influence how it could be worn again, or even upcycle it to give it a whole new lease of life. Create your own Style and Mark, Look Amazing and Save a Fortune for the Ultimate Trend Setting look.

• Restart a Fashion Trend, Styles constantly disappear only to reappear years later, Start the Trend before its even made its way down the Catwalk.

• Impress people with your Bargain finding skills from where you found your Preloved Item.

• Vintage Clothing increases in value over time so you never know that stunning Outfit you brought for a few quid could double in value in a few years if stored correctly.

• Discovering your preloved garment can give you a real sense of achievement.

• You are RECYCLING or UPCYCLING which is healthy for the Environment we live in.

• You can walk around like you own really expensive outfits and be the envy of all your friends and family, little do they know how much you actually paid for it.

• Buy that Preloved Fashion Trend to utilise that family Heirloom, we all like to look coordinated in our Fashion Wear. Grandma has just passed you a Stunning Necklace your going to want that perfect Outfit to compliment it with.

• Preloved Designer Fashion will never go out of Fashion.

• It’s not rare to come across Brand New Item’s in the Preloved Section or Customer Products as we call it!

• When Shopping on the High Street you are faced with the Latest Fashions in this Seasons Colours, what if these Colours aren’t you? Your pretty much stuck, we have a Variety of Styles in a variety of colours, it isn’t just todays Fashion so you’ll always have plenty of choice.

• All Items are Quality Checked by the Team upon Receipt, so you can feel assured what you read in the description is the item you are ordering.

• Revamp your Wardrobe on a Budget or alternatively get more for your money

Everyone loves a Bargain lets face it and to find something that you both need and like at a rock bottom price is a Win, Win Situation.

Fashion forward modern women, we know the pressure of looking polished, on-trend and Beautiful for every occasion we attend! No woman wants to wear the same Outfit Twice. It costs a fortune to buy Brand New for every occasion, save some money with AsianBay, Re-coup some money, find your perfect outfit for a fraction of the price.

You can dress for Less at AsianBay Limited, show how Savvy you are, be the first of your Family and Friends to Save and Sell with AsianBay Limited.


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