Savvy Asian Brides Save the Planet and Money

Savvy Asian Brides Save the Planet and Money

There is an old Asian proverb: We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails. Many savvy Asian brides – and their families – are applying this notion to the need for more recycling. That is why they are embracing reloved fashion as a means of caring for the planet, looking fabulous and saving money.

They have recognised that fashion has a huge impact on the Earth. No longer is reloved fashion a sign of being poor. It is a symbol of Asian communities’ commitment to do their bit for the environment. And, of course, it ensures  everyone looks simply stunning at family occasions in high-quality, traditional Asian attire that has cost a fraction of environmentally-damaging new clothing.

AsianBay leads the way

In the UK, AsianBay Limited is spearheading the charge on environmentally-friendly Asian attire. It is promoting tradition with a modern twist. To understand why it has taken reloved Asian fashion to the next level, you have to understand the impact of fashion on the environment.

The average person is thought to throw away 82 pounds of textiles every year. Most of this ‘waste’ ends up in landfill – a tragedy when you consider it takes around 700 gallons of water to make a single cotton shirt. Apply that to more elaborate wedding attire and you will start to get the bigger picture. Once in landfill, a single item of clothing can take a whopping forty years to degrade.

Clever fashion is reloved fashion

A spokesperson for AsianBay Limited said: “Around ninety-five per cent of textiles can be recycled. A traditional trail dress can cost over £2,000 yet is worn just once. When you consider the impact of that one dress on the environment, it really doesn’t make sense to pack it away. That is why more Asian brides are choosing to recycle.

“At AsianBay, you can buy like-new trail dresses for just £750 plus postage and packing. The buyer gets a dress that has only ever been worn once, is environmentally friendly and simply stunning. What’s more, it is a sign of savvy financial management.”

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Save money, save the planet

Fast fashion, or items worn just once, are harming the planet. Fashion is using up virgin resources and causing pollution on an industrial scale. Dyes used to create bold, vibrant textile colours are blamed for being the second largest polluter of clean water globally. Although clothing manufacturers are under pressure from environmental groups to remove toxic chemicals from the dyeing process, there is a long way to go.

The Asian community in the UK is answering nature’s call to  do something. It has recognised the need to consider the planet and finances when making single-use clothing purchases. Bollywood actress Dia Mirza supported World Environment Day with this message: “I have always advocated the need for sustainable living, to make green and environmental-friendly choices in our day to day lives, and for all of us to think about what kind of a world we’re leaving behind for the future generations. It begins with simple choices.”

You can join a new generation of environmentally-aware Asians by embracing reloved attire. It’s not just financially savvy, it’s fashionable.

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