How Many Temples are There in India?

Is it really possible to count the number of temples in India??


The answer is no there are so many beautiful temples in India with their own significance and history that I  personally don’t  think is possible to count.

I personally feel that it would take a lifetime to visit them all.


According to statistics the amount of Hindu & Sikh temples in India is a puzzle itself.


Hindus and Sikhs in India are not overly keen to even count these as these are such treasured and respected place of worship. But times are now changing and we trying to tell our western children to visit India drum into them the importance of religion and where their ancestry came from, but when they ask us such questions like “if I went to India how many temples are there to visit how long would it take to visit them all? I personally feel embarrassed because I cannot answer this question, I say ask the grandparents and unfortunately, they are old illiterate and never been told them selves.


My research shows that there are approximately 108,000 temples in India, my personal opinion is there must be a staggering 600,00 Plus temples in India. Wow


India is and always has been an agricultural country, there are approximately 630,000 villages 5000 towns and 400 big cities. Each Town and village have its own temple uniting the committees that live there on a daily basis.  

Each morning dependant on the village and its rules the temple will through its speakers start the early morning prayers between approximately 4-5am, urging the local community to rise and worship God at the start of their day.

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