Dowry !

Dowry !


Why do parents feel obliged to give dowry when their daughters marry??

Where on earth did this tradition come from because it certainly has nothing to do with Sikhism, Hinduism or any other religion itself!

Our gurus fought for women’s rights and honour so why do people think that its okay to give and receive dowry in order for a woman to marry a man?

Is she going to be happy after this exchange???
Maybe maybe not……

Some women have unhappy marriages full stop and the mother-in-law keeps everything even the gold because she will say she will look after it better and it’s a way of keeping the daughter-in-law under control/in check, so who lost out here?

Some in-laws get so greedy they torture and treat their daughter in-laws terribly because they think ummm so much dowry the parents must be minted let’s get more out of them, all this happens while the son sits and watches.
Who loses out there? Daughter and her parents who are broken hearted and now crippled financially in every way loose out.

Some marriages break down and divorce is on the tables, the woman is so unhappy that she has to walk out of the marriage, the mother-in-law and son keep all the dowry they refuse to give her anything at all. The woman looses out in this situation also.

I personally know someone who left her marriage and got not one penny because she left her marital home, the law went against her even though she had receipts and proof of all items that she had taken into the marital home.

A would urge all future parents to reconsider this tragic tradition of giving dowry, it is only a loss to the female in the marriage and causes her so many problems right from the beginning.
Who decides how much dowry is acceptable or unacceptable anyway?

A marriage should be about two individuals who want to marry each other and spend the rest of their lives together and not be about money, gifts and such things.

In the majority of Asian cultures, the marriage is seen as a sacred blessing from god to be honoured till death do apart…

Sukhy Sangha

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