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She is in her mid-50’s and has a wide range of experience when it comes to clothing, from when she was a child she used to stich clothing for herself her family and others who liked her garments.

She is a mother of 5 children and has had many life experiences that most people would probably not have had in their lifetime. Aunty still likes to live her life to the maximum with a smile on her face though and her moto to life is “ we can either cry and be miserable about what we can’t change in life or we can smile and be positive about what we do have in life”.

Aunty gets her comfort from speaking to others and helping them with their day to day problems in life. She loves to spoil and pamper others.

Ask aunty is a free & confidential service dedicated to you our customers.

You can ask aunty anything at all and aunty will do her up most best to help you with your questions and give advice to you on your day to day concerns.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I get grease stain out of tissue material dress?

Do I need lining with suit I have purchased?

Where can I get rumaals of the same colour for wedding party?

Can aunty recommend any one for wedding lighting decorations?

Can aunty recommend a tailor?

Does aunty know of any wedding specialist beauty artists?

I have a question about cooking okra?

I have a marital question to ask aunty?

Always Happy To Help

Ask aunty absolutely anything she is here for you.

We will not publish any information about our customers or any questions asked to aunty without the authorization of our customers.

You can trust aunty.

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