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Saris, lehengas, salwar kameez, kurta pujami and other items can run costs upwards of £200 + each. And with so many parties in all Asian cultures, you need a lot of outfits to avoid wearing the same thing all the time and what’s worse people noticing!
At Asian weddings there is a lot of giving and taking of Asian wear as gifts, a personal experience of the founder of AsianBay Limited was after her wedding (which lasted only 5 months) she had received a lot of Indian clothing that she could not bear to look at again let alone wear again. Some items hadn’t even been worn but she threw the whole lot out all 27 of them. Ouch!
She often regretted this decision and thought that wouldn’t it be nice if I could have sold these items to somebody who would have appreciated them more than me?? They all cost a fortune, so it would be nice to get some money back!
As time went on the founder met a lot of other men and women who were in the same situation as her, she also had a lot of friends from other cultural backgrounds that were invited to an Indian wedding but faced the dilemma of what to wear at these weddings, what was expected of them and what exactly happened. She spent years educating her friends and borrowing them her outfits so that they could also take part in these weddings that they were invited too.
AsianBay was then set up with these people in mind, AsianBay offers a free ask aunty advise service for people from other cultural backgrounds who want guidance and help.
How expensive is it for people from other cultural backgrounds who want to be part of an Asian wedding to purchase an Indian outfit only ever to be worn once, with AsianBay you have the opportunity to either buy or hire an outfit at very affordable prices.
Majority of the items sold on AsianBay’s website are under £100, the most expensive items are the wedding bridal & groom hire which are still very affordable compared to high street prices.
AsianBay’s inventory is quickly growing of consignment items with the website having a specific section for it called “Customer Products” here our customer can have peace of mind keeping an eye on their item(s). All Customer Products are examined by our Team before being listed and we only accept a Product if it is in Good Saleable Condition. Each Item is listed with an Accurate description so you as the Customer know exactly what you are purchasing.
There is so much inventory out there — stunning outfits people wear once or twice and put back in the closet for years.
A business like AsianBay connects two key groups of people affected by a shaky economy: those who need to make a few extra bucks selling their clothes and those looking for quality clothes at discounted prices.
AsianBay has recently launched its Wedding Hire range for both the Bride & Groom, stunning clothing at very affordable prices, “why do we cripple ourselves financially when we get married” they say??

AsianBay’s thoughts behind the pricing of the bridal wear is that couples should be able to enjoy there Wedding Day and not have to cut costs elsewhere because they paid £2,000+ for a Bridal Lengha for 1 day!
AsianBay’s provides you with several services under one umbrella, pre-loved clothing, buy,sell,hire, they also sell the latest fashions brand new clothing as well as the hiring of bridal & groom wedding wear! Ask aunty free advisory service is also available!


Sukhy Sangha

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