About us

Our Asian community is huge in the UK and we pride ourselves on the origins of our culture and values of our ancestors.  Generations have followed the traditions of wearing traditional Asian outfits on at functions for years and even now that we are nearing the end of the 20th century the traditions of our culture are still followed to the latter.
When we celebrate those special occasions with our family and friends we like to use bright colours, elegant and blingy outfits and why not?
We also pay through the nose with today’s prices for these special occasions, AsianBay has specifically been designed to reduce these costs to you and help you look glamourous, glitzy and elegant at a fraction of the cost. It’s easy and hassle free for you!
At AsianBay we have a wide range of beautiful and elegant Asian garments that are both new and lightly used.
All our lightly used items are delicately worn and cared for.
Our range of items include, clothing for men, women, children and accessories.
Buying, selling and even hiring items at AsianBay at reduced prices will save you hundreds for those special occasions, you can even sell back your items to AsianBay once you have used them and purchase another!
We all buy outfits for hundreds of pounds, wear them once and pack them away for a few years only to be thrown out a few years later when our wardrobes are full to the brim! So why not sell your lightly used items on AsianBay and make some money out of them instead?
Our website is quick and easy to use and we are always available to advise you should you need us.
A personal experience of mine was when I got divorced, I had so many outfits that I could not bear to look at let alone wear again, I threw the whole lot all 27 outfits in the bin!
Big mistake as I only realise now that I could have sold them to someone who would have appreciated them more than me as they were both beautiful and very expensive.
So whatever your reason for selling your items or buying from us, AsianBay is your one stop Asian shop!
We have a quick, easy, hassle free, professional and friendly service just for you and your needs.
We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service just as you take pride in yourself.
AsianBay guarantees you an excellent customer service and an enjoyable shopping experience at the one stop Asian shop from the comfort of your own home.
AsianBay is so dedicated to its customers that we give you ask aunty, a free & confidential service just for you.
Please feel free to also donate your well used & unwanted items to asianbay as we donate these items to charities. AsianBay works with a lot of charities and likes to donate as much as possible to help those less fortunate.
AsianBay is your one stop for all your Asian needs. We hope that you have a pleasant experience with us whatever you reason for visiting our website.


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